Hello DJ961 Fans! Arabic DJ Florida

Welcome to DJ961, one of the leading Arabic DJ Florida

I always strive to give the best experience during my DJ events. Please share your comments, thoughts, and ideas.

More importantly, “How would you rate your experience with me :)” 

Thanks, Ismail

15 thoughts on “Hello DJ961 Fans! Arabic DJ Florida”

  1. Great live mix, amazing choice of music, followed our requests perfectly. He made it a night to remember!!

    1. Thank you Maggie and Habib for these kind comments.. you are the best 🙂 it was great and fun working with you!

  2. I would indeed highly recommend DJ961 to light up your events. Amazing hits especially in Arabic! Our family reunion party was great with irresistible mixes… thank you Ismail

  3. Hi DJ961, i have a plan for a party a week before our wedding, would you be able to help us with check list of things that we should do? We need your expertise in managing the event. Is this something that you can help us with?

  4. Best DJ ever!! Love your way&music you awlays play!
    I think people should try you to know wt a good DJ means!

  5. You made my party Ismail! Everybody enjoyed the party and how great was the perfect sequence and flipping between English to Arabic to Spanish, you exceeded our expectations!!! Thank u:)))))

  6. Thank you so much for bringing our gathering to life with your amazing music! You made seamless transitions between the songs, and everyone was more than hyped with what you played and enjoyed how professional everything was. I am so happy to have nailed a great DJ like you for all my future events. Thanks again Ismail!

  7. DJ ismail was extremely professional, excellent customer service and prompt responses every time. He was a phenomenal dj at the party and played a perfect mix tailored to the crowd. His transitions between songs and his mixes are great. He truly made our party a night to remember for ever. Thank you DJ ismail. We will be using your services again!!

  8. DJ Ismail is by far one of the best DJs I’ve yet to see and I am beyond grateful for how amazing he was at my wedding. He was extremely professional and his overall detail to his customers satisfaction is hands down unlike anything I’ve seen. Ismail had everything scheduled to perfection and stayed in wedding to assure that everything would be perfect, and HE DELIVERED!! His selection is music kept the atmosphere cultural and traditional but also was able to mix it up with some more modern themed music. The most impressive thing to me is how he was able to stick with our timeline to the exact minute. You can tell when someone does a job simply for a paycheck but with DJ Ismail it was easy to see he truly loves what he does and had a passion for it, and that in itself is a rarity. Thank you so much DJ Ismail for making our night one to remember for the rest of our lives!

  9. I enjoyed a crazy fun night in Florida Disney down town lebanese restaurant with DJ Sam ! we had a blast and I wana do it again and again.

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